Mayor Scan 3000

The Mayor Scan 3000

A Custom Nmap Bash Script

What is Mayor Scan 3000?

Mayor Scan 3000 is my first attempt at a bash script utility that utilizes Nmap to provide a series of scans that I find relevant in my daily use.  MS3000 is one part logic and one part user interaction, and allows the individual to tailor their experience based on their current scanning needs.

To use, the user needs to chmod u+x to allow for execution.  Then, a simple ./ ipaddr executes the tool.  The user is faced with a choice to append all gathered information in to one single file, or individual files based on the scan conducted.  These files are stored inside a custom directory named after the IP address or URL, and each file is aptly named as well (the single file option is named FullScan.txt).

The scans included in the tool are -Pn, -sV, -O, and a --script vuln scan on the target.  The user has a simple yes/no option before running each scan, with the exception of -Pn, which is ran by default. 

When the tool is finished running, the user is notified with a simple message, wishing them a wonderful day. 

A light version is also included from my version 1.0 of the project, and has less user interaction, but a similar file storage system.  Users are still offered the opportunity to select their scans, however each scan is stored individually, and without a choice for a single full scan document.     

You can check Mayor Scan 3000 and Mayor Scan Lite at


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